My friend

I remember a boy

A boy with laughter in his eyes

A boy who loved life

My friend.

I remember my friend

The times we spent talking

Until the sun came up

My trusted friend.

I remember my friend

And the night he slashed his wrists

And stood in the middle of the road waiting to be run over

My dispairing friend.

I remember trying to help

Understand the torment that lay behind those laughing eyes

Being told I was a good friend and was loved

My loving friend.

I remember the phone call

Telling me he was dead

His mother found him hanging

Goodbye dear friend.

It’s been years now,

Yet all of a sudden,

My thoughts turn to you

My pale, goth friend.

I remember with love

The beauty you carried

The gentle spirit you showed

My beautiful friend.

May your spirit be at peace

May your spirit be free

I hope I see you again

My friend.



  1. Lisa H said

    Oh Nikki, you made me cry.. Hugs for you, I hope your friend is at piece now.

  2. river said

    So sad Nikki.

  3. Yes, Peace.

  4. Odd. I wrote this, pushed send, saw the date and realised it was almost his anniversary. Go figure.

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