I have been living with a rage within. It lives just below the surface.I can literally feel it. If you asked, I could point to it and show you exactly where on my body it resides.

I have been using all my ‘strategies’ to tame the savage beast. Nothing is working. It has knocked me about, and I have been feeling battered and bruised. It is draining battling this beast within, tearing me apart from the inside.

I refused to let it control me and in doing so, it did.

So I gave my rage a voice.  I gave myself permission to rage. I allowed the all consuming fire to be unleashed. I made myself heard. In doing so, the beast lost its’ volume, its’ power, its’ stronghold.

For now it is silent. For now I sense peace.

I know the rage will return as it always does and always has.

This time I’ll be ready.



  1. I’ve always thought bottling up a rage only allows it to grow. Let it out, exercise (or is that exorcise 😉 ) the rage and it doesn’t grow into something nastier.

  2. Mistress B said

    I’m with AJ, it needs an outlet or it consumes you from within

  3. river said

    It’s good that you’ve found a way to release your rage. Keeping it inside only eats you up, as you already know. Better to go outside and scream and shout while throwing mud pies at the wall. Or something.

  4. Not expressing it, your rage finds other ways to manifest.

    Usually physically.

    Let the beast out.

  5. I have always expressed it, but not in this way. And it feels SO GOOD !!!!

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