You said

You said you wanted to end our marriage.

You said it was over.

You said living with me was too hard.

You said you couldn’t stand me.

You said you didn’t want me anymore.

You said you were unhappy.

You said living with me was the cause of your unhappiness.

You said I refused to address issues in my life.

You said this was the cause of our problems in our marriage.

You said you were better off without me.

Almost a year has passed since you spoke those words.

You say you are unhappy.

(How can you be? You are rid of me now and I was the cause of your unhappiness, remember?)

You say you have issues in your life that need to be addressed.

(I thought the only ‘issue’ you had was me? Oh those issues, the ones we talked about for 14 years, the ones you told me were my fault, you are addressing them now?)

You say you are going on a course to improve yourself.

Maybe now I am not here to blame, you might just grow up a bit and take responsibility.


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