When Daddy left

When Daddy left

I heard 4 hearts break and shatter into a million pieces

I picked them all up

And decided I would put them back together as best I could.

When Daddy left

I saw the hurt and tears in your eyes

And heard all the questions you had

And tried to answer them.

When Daddy left

I decided not to bad mouth him

but also not to lie as I had before

for the truth will set us free.

When Daddy left

I watched you cry for him

Confused, hurt, not understanding

And made the silent promise that we would get through this.

When Daddy left

I watched you tell me you wanted to hit him

And stopped you

All the while wanting to hit him myself.

When Daddy left

I watched you try to take charge

And ask him to come home to us

And saw your disappointment when he said no.

When Daddy left

I watched you stand at the door

Begging him not to go

And raged at his response.

When Daddy left

I saw a part of you die

And wished like hell I could take this pain from you

But also knew I could only walk with you as you worked it out.

When Daddy left

I reassured you that Daddy loved you

That he left ME not you

And saw you didn’t believe it.

When Daddy left

I realised that I was powerless

Over so many things

But could give you a voice to express yourself.

When Daddy left

I told you I was sorry

And I wish it could be different

But that we will come out the other side.

When Daddy left

I heard him make his excuses

And watched the disappointment on your faces

And silently raged at him.

When Daddy left

I told him

What he did to me I would deal with

But I would never forgive the hurt he has inflicted on you.

When Daddy left

I knew our lives would take a different path

And that in time we will heal

But it will take time.

We are not the first to walk this path

We won’t be the last

I will glue your hearts back

We will heal

But it will be different now

Because Daddy left.



  1. river said

    This is very sad Nikki, hard for me to read too, because my own marriage is ending. I’m thankful there are no children involved this time. Your previous post put me in “his” shoes, because it was me who did the ending. I just can’t live with him anymore.

    My children were older than yours are now, when my first marriage ended, so they coped better. All I can suggest is lots of hugs and talking through everything. Everything.

  2. breaking my heart.

    Beautiful, but breaking my heart.

    For all of you.

  3. Mistress B said

    much love to you all


  4. anonymum said

    Speechless and tears are flowing….

  5. ((Hugs)) Elsie. I am so sorry to hear that. Yeah, there is lots of talking happening, lots of emotions.

    Thanks to you all.

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