Back at square one, didn’t pass go, didn’t get $200

He rang me while he was on his course.

He had gone for a specific reason.

He was alerted to other things in his life.

He rang to apologise.

He is aware of the impact his behaviour had on me.

I felt relief.

He wanted to move forward and not be that person anymore.

He wanted to let me know that in regards to him and I, he sees no future.

I felt the wind knock right out of me.

I know this.

I am quite clear things are over.

Always have been.

But hearing the words again reopened the wound that was starting to heal.



  1. river said

    The words and the feeling will always hurt, Nikki, but at least he’s realised and given an apology. It’s a start towards….oh…..something.

  2. Jayne said

    The healing process is a long one (((hugs))) xxx.

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