Tir na NOg ~ Place of peace

We are completely surrounded in cloud today.

These are the days that I love best.

Looking out, seeing nothing.

No neighbours, no city, nothing else but us.

These are sacred times.

Cut off from everything, blocking out the world around us, I see another world.

The world you live in.

I still remember the day I first came here. It was the most windy, blustering day. But I knew there was something special here waiting. As soon as my feet touched the ground, I knew what that was. It was you.

You led me here.

I wasn’t the only one who sensed it.

You brother changed. He came out of himself. I remember him running to the top of one of the hills and raising his hands to heaven and saying he could see you.

I hear you on days like these. Running and playing in the bush. I think of the Fianna and how they walked the coastline of Eire, protecting the great Hall of Tara. I think of Fionn McCumhail (Finn McCool) and how he died young and went to the land of Tir na NOg, the land of forever young.

I sense you close. I see your tree. The tree I dreamed about long before I came here. The tree I would sit under and watch you and other children, running and playing and laughing. Happy and free. I remember the time you first looked at me and I went to hide behind the tree, thinking I was interrupting something special, yet at the same time unable to pull myself away.

And I found your tree. Here. Lining the perimeter of our property.

I remember the day I wondered about you and came here to see yellow flowers from the gorse everywhere and in the midst a purple flower.  I remember smiling as I knew you had left me this gift. I had been so worried about whether moving here was the right thing, and it confirmed it was the right path.

For four years, I have held you the closest I have been able to since you left this world.  Little moments, between mother and son. Little moments between a twin and his brother.

In amongst the chaos, I have been able to find peace here. I have basked in the glory that is nature here. I have marvelled at creation and a creator. I have seen so many sunsets and rainbows. Such beauty. I have been so blessed.

I don’t want to leave.



  1. Jayne said

    He will share his strength and bravery with you for your coming changes, (((hugs))) xxxx.

  2. Mistress B said

    Take a cutting and take the tree with you. He’ll always be with you, but this way you can have his tree where ever you end up.

  3. river said

    I like what Mistress B said. That’s exactly what I would do. What I have done in the past; taken cuttings from favourite plants to put into the new garden. I had cuttings from a rose bush that originated in Sydney in 1976. Left a rose bush in every garden since then, until this one.

    Don’t give up hope just yet. Maybe a way to stay will reveal itself.

  4. The tree is a Mofo huge Pine. lol. I can’t see me being able to take it.

    But yeah, what will be will be.

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