9.34 pm

Happy birthday my angel son !!!

A run mo chroi ! (Oh love of my heart)

You entered this world silently. Our little warrior.

Named after Fionn MacCumhail (Finn MacCool), a legendary warrior, who led the Fianna and protected the shorelines of Eire.

And what a fighting spirit you had.

Medically speaking, you should not have lived as long as you did.

But then, they didn’t know the bloodline you come from. Fighters. Stubborn people who fight to the sometimes bitter end.

My precious warrior boy. I had no idea when you were born what awaited us. All I knew is that I was so thankful you were here.

Your fearsome, peaceful spirit was a force not to be reckoned with. Not to be put in a box. As your brother, you walked to the beat of your own drum.

My handsome boy.

Is tu ma ghra. (I love you)



  1. Jayne said


  2. river said

    I’m going to think of your boy now every time I pass Finn McCool’s pub on the Parade near where I work. It’s right near the library I go to sometimes.

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