It’s the widdle things

My son has once again shown me he is an old soul.

Today, he has marvelled and been so excited about the smallest of things.

Each birthday wish that he has received, he has looked at me with wide eyes and excitment and said “This day keeps getting better and better.”

He told me that while he didn’t get the birthday we had initially planned, he was thankful for the day he has had, as at least we are alive. He asked me if I was thankful to be living as it is better than not being alive.

**shakes head**

Wise old soul, on a pre teen’s head.

I am reminded that I am so bound up in anger, sadness and regret at this time. I am wasting so much energy on stuff that, while it is important, isn’t the b all and end all. I need to step back and reaccess.

Today, I took a leaf out of my newly 12 year old’s book and looked at things through his eyes.

A world of beauty and surprise. A world of nice people who surround us with love. Everything he received was such a gift. An unexpected soul soaring gift.

I thank God for the gift that is my pre teen and have enjoyed the day immensely.

And they say parents are the teachers.

Not today. Today my teacher has been a 12 year old boy with wisdom beyond his years, and a purity that leaves me breathless.



  1. Jayne said

    He’s a blessing to you and reflects his mother’s wise teachings xxx

  2. river said

    He does sound like an old soul. These are the ones who teach us so much more than we think we need to know. Happy Birthday to him.

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