Day One

So yesterday was Day One.

Day One of a new beginning.

The good thing I like about Day One is you can start it any time you like. You don’t have to wait until New Year’s or your birthday.

Each dawn is a new beginning.

Today, I was reminded of the Phoenix who rises from the ashes. I often have that image in my head when I am fighting to reach the top, or maybe not the top but just out of whatever I find myself in.

I have formulated a plan. Plans are good. Yesterday, I took some steps to look after me and protect myself.

But the voices in my head are still there. Well no, not voices. One voice. His voice. The accuser.

I was accused of things on the weekend that he knows I would never do. However, he won’t see that it’s the consequences of HIS behaviour. It’s easier to blame me.

It was a conversation that left me sickened, wound up and in a pit of black.

Being nice and accommodating has only left me bullied and emotionally bruised and battered.

Well no more. I am not moving an inch, giving an inch until our lawyers nut it all out. He isn’t happy with the mention of lawyers, but then I think it will be because he has lost the one thing he loves the most….. control.



  1. Ro said

    Taking back what you misplaced – control.
    You’re doing good xxx 🙂

  2. river said

    Standing firm, not giving in. Good moves.

  3. HUZZAH!

    Sing it babe. Huzzah is a wonderful battlecry.

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