12 years ago

12 years ago

Your father held you in his arms

As you took your last breath.

12 years ago

I told you to go

As it was what was best for you.

12 years ago

I watched you leave

Knowing you could not stay.

12 years ago

You were set free

From your pain and suffering.

12 years ago

I felt my heart break

And my life changed forever.

12 years ago

You took a piece of me

And you still have it.

12 years ago

I learned that love

just sometimes isn’t enough.

12 years ago

I hurt

like I have never hurt before.

12 years ago

you died

But you also lived.

Today we remember

your short life

from 12 years ago.

Today we remember

with much love

the beauty that was you.

Today we remember

with much pride

how hard you fought to stay.

Today we remember

and give thanks

for our warrior boy.

Today we remember

the softness of your skin

and the warmth of your spirit.

Today we imagine

what might have been

if you could have stayed.

Today we imagine

the boy you might be

had you been given the chance.

You are not forgotten

How can you be

When your other half reminds us?

We love you

You still live here

In our hearts and minds.

One day

We will meet again

And it will be as it was meant to.



  1. Lisa said

    **Wipes the tears**

    Hugs Honey….

  2. river said

    Beautifully written, Nikki.

  3. Jayne said

    He is a well loved boy xxx

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