Is it wrong to want to be with someone?

Not just someone, or anyone, but I mean

Is it wrong to want to share what you have with someone?

I love my life, warts and all.

Yes it has its’ stresses, but don’t we all?

I just want to share what I have with someone.

With someone who wants to share what they have with me.

Yet, I keep being asked if I am lonely.

I am not having good experiences in the dating scene.

But does that mean I am not ready?

Why are people automatically going to the place where it is too soon, or I am not ready or I am lonely.


I just CHOOSE to share what I have with someone.

I can do this alone. I am more than feckin’ capable. Anyone who doubts that needs a biartch slap.

I just WANT to share what I have with someone. That’s all.

Is that so wrong?



  1. Mistress B said

    Absolutely not.


  2. river said

    Not wrong at all. It’s possible that the ones you’re meeting are the ones not ready to share.

  3. Jane said

    I hear you! I haven’t had any better luck in the dating realm. I would caution you to be slow as far as trusting them. Keep you personal identifying information to yourself until you know them well. Don’t introduce them to the kids because it’s confusing to have a guy here today and gone tomorrow. Etc.

    And it’s ok to say you are LONELY…has nothing to do with being desperate or NEEDING someone. I’ll admit I am lonely. But I’m not desperate and I don’t need anyone. Like you, it’d be nice to talk to an adult at the end of the day. Nothing wrong with that.

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