Finding the balance

I find I see saw between being very social and very isolated.

I like people, I enjoy their company. I also enjoy my own.

There are cycles in my life where I need to withdraw and think. Talking with people complicates things and I need to be left to think things through.

I am fortunate in that most of my friends understand this and will give me my space. If I take too long to reconnect, they will drop me an email, a text, leave a message, asking how I am doing. It reassures me that they are still there, waiting for me to come out of my cave.

Sometimes I withdraw too long. Get inside my head and myself so far that I struggle to get out. I am learning to recognise the signs and DO something about it.

I have been sitting in my cave. Planning, making decisions, weighing up the pros and cons. In limbo.

And now it’s time to come out and DO.



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  1. Beet said

    Yay for coming out!!

    Umm… that kinda sounds wrong …. lmao 😛

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