Something I realised not long ago, was the amount of laughter that was filling the house.

For so long there has been sadness, grief, and muted joy, a giggle here and there, but no real laughter.

Trying to get the kids to be silly and just be kids hasn’t been an easy task. I have Mr Serious who has to over analyse everything¬† in order to fully understand what is going on. Mr Serious has asked the same questions over and over again. I have given him the same answers over and over again. Then Mr Comapssionate who has my back all the time and is always making sure that Father hasn’t made poor Mummy cry again. Keeping the balance of not letting them see my upset, yet keeping real about it, that yes, Mother is hurting too. Then our widdle fairy princess who is Daddy’s little girl was becoming quite passive agressive in her behaviour. When pulled up on inappropriate behaviour, would burst into tears, crying for her Daddy and saying how she missed him.

I can’t put my finger on the exact time I heard the pure, unrestrained laughter floating through the place, but I remember stopping what I was doing so I could enjoy the moment. I closed my eyes and just knew we had all turned a corner.

The questions about Father are getting smaller.

The self imposed need to protect Mother is lessening.

The laughter and silliness is increasing.

And it is music to my soul.



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  1. river said

    Laughter?? That’s great news. I hope you hear much more of it and do some yourself too.

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