Fly little bird

Today my sons went to the movies with a friend. On their own. For the first time.

With developmental delays and labels, has come fear. Being the over passionate annoying person I can be where my children are concerned, I read too much, listened to others too much,many of them ignorant and slowly evolved my own thing. How *I* would *manage* my kids.

The lads are getting older. Secure and controlled situations are fine, but need to be balanced with the uncontrollable.

I do not believe I have been over protective, I believe I have met the lads needs and do things in THEIR time.

Of course, others disagree. The parents with average children.

I don’t have average children.

So we walk a different path.

Eldest son rode the bus for the first time at 13, 2 weeks ago. He had a cell phone, I stood at the house and looked at him at the bus stop, and there was a huge knot in my stomach. The what ifs. As much as people think the lad is oh so wonderful, I see things that have me concerned. Of course I have learned to be quiet as I am told just how well he is doing and how people would NEVER guess he is on the Spectrum.

I decided we needed a repeat. My little birds need their wings.

So the 2 lads went on the bus, I gave them instructions on texting me. I also texted their destination. It went well.

So we need to broaden our horizons.

The lads have a friend. Speaking with the mother, we decided upon something that would be appropriate for our boys.

So they did a movie. Alone.

While they did, I caught up with the first spawn.

The first spawn reminded me what I allowed HER to do at that age and how different it was for her.

I told her that was because she COULD.

We met up with the 3 lads and as we approached them, I was struck by how they are becoming little adults.

The lads are amazing boys. They need their wings to fly as every child does. But this mother bird can see that they will take flight a little later than others. And that is ok.

We will continue to walk our own path, and I will continue to roll my eyes at those who don’t get it.

And I will hope that once again, it will all come out in the wash.



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  1. Elf will be riding the bus for the first time at 11 in mid-August. Am scared also…

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