Nobody’s Child -1

I am an adoptee.

My favourite song has always been “Nobody’s Child”.

Though I am not ‘nobody’s child’. Everybody is somebody’s child.

The parenting job for me was split into two roles.

There are my birth parents, the mother and father who conceived me.

There are my adoptive parents, the mother and father who raised me.

Both sets of parents played a part in parenting me.

Part of an upbringing is knowing where you came from. Your eyes, your traits, those little things that you think are ‘yours’ when in fact, they have been partially inherited genetically.

As I had a closed adoption, I had no history. My life started the day I was 10 days old and placed in the care of my adotpive parents. My ‘history’ was closed to me.

In 1985, a law was passed that said adoptees and birth parents could apply for the previously closed birth certificates and obtain the original (or as I call them the ‘true’) in order to find their genetic history. The adoptee had to be 20.

In 1987, I turned 20 and applied for my ‘original’ birth certificate. This started my journey. A journey I thought was just me looking for the woman who gave birth to me, yet turned out to be a whole lot more.



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