What I really think……

So many times I hold back from saying what I really want to say. I often don’t say what I really think.

Sometimes it’s because I do not wish to offend, sometimes because I look at people and see it would be a waste of time.

I really wonder how people would react if I truly said what’s on my mind.

There have been moments where I have been brutally honest, not about other people, but where I am at.  Some people take it as an opportunity to try and fix me, some to tell me how they think *I* should be living my life.

I have started to look at some of the real life people in my life. They have something to say about everything in my life, yet one thing I am not seeing or feeling from them, is them putting themselves in my shoes. I see them as taking the opportunity to tell me what they think I should be doing. They are not listening. So I shut up and shut down.




  1. I hear you….. you are an amazing light in a very large universe, continue to shine, and never, ever shut up….. too many times I have done exactly the same (being a smidgen over 5ft I’ve never been afraid to express myself) however like you, I’ve had other influences in my life tell me what I’m doing ‘wrong’ or how I should live my life…. hello, what happened to individuality? Isn’t that what makes us delightfully unique? Stand tall and stay strong, you are one hellava woman xx

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