Core beliefs

Another defining moment today.

I was sharing with someone where I am at.  How I have been making decisions that I don’t want to make and realised that I need to go back to what I believe we as a family NEED to be doing.

He made the comment that what he heard me say is that I am returning to my core values, and am looking at ways to uphold them.

Yes, yes I am. I firmly and resolutely believe that homeschooling is still what is best for us. The decisions I have been making have made that not be possible one day and I keep saying to people how I don’t want to give that up.

So I am not going to. I am going to stay true to what I hold sacred. I can remember screaming down the phone at my ex husband, angry that HE had destroyed all that I had held dear and sacred. I screamed at him, telling him he had made it all worthless. At the time, I truly believed that.

I am returning to that place where what I hold sacred will be just that.  MINE and sacred. Something that no one will be allowed to taint.

One of the things that I hold sacred is homeschooling and our homeschool lifestyle. The rest will take care of itself.



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  1. I hope you can continue and that finaces work out! It is always good to hear from you.

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