The Warrior

The Warrior faced the darkness,

People around him,

Beating him, hurting him with their swords.

The Warrior fought back,

His spirit strong,

Relentless in his determination to win the battle.

The Warrior learned to embrace the solitude,

Using the time to heal

And rejuvenate his spirit.

The Warrior heard the voice of the Maiden,

Felt the touch of her hand,

And the love from her heart.

The Warrior strengthened his resolve

to win the battle

and stay by her side.

The Warrior fought relentlessly

Receiving blow after blow

His body broken, his spirit strong.

The Warrior embraced the times with the Maiden,

when the darkness lifted

and the light filled their souls.

The Warrior slowly grew weaker,

but would not give up

could not give in.

The Warrior lay tired,

this battle never ending,

Showing no kindness to him.

The Warrior heard the voice of the Maiden,

letting him know it was ok to stop fighting,

This is not surrender.

The Warrior felt the Maiden at his side,

Heard her whisper

“I love you son, but it’s time for you to go”

The Warrior took his final breath,

Left the darkness,

And found the light.


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