I’ll see you by the tree

We have a special meeting place, it’s beside a huge tree.

We have been meeting there for years.

Just him and me.

I can remember the first time I found the place

I was walking along a path

Knowing I was going to see something special

It led me to this tree.

Beyond the tree was a clearing

With green grass and small flowers

A sandpit and a playground

Filled with children.

I remember my heart racing

This was no ordinary playground

This was Heaven’s Playground

And I was a priviledged visitor.

My eyes searched every face until I saw him

My son !!

My heart was so full

And I beamed.

He was running so fast,

He had an aeroplane above his head

He was laughing

He was ALIVE !!!!

I stood quietly

Wanting to move forward

Yet not wanting to spoil the magic

Not wanting the moment to end.

All the children stopped and turned

A man was walking towards them

They all ran to him excitedly

Calling “Jesus, it’s Jesus”

They surrounded him

The love that filled the air left me breathless.

The babble of giggles and words filled the air

Jesus was smiling and talking to them all

The children slowly turned and went back to playing

All but one, my son.

I saw Jesus bend down and whisper something

And the two of them smiled

My son turned and looked at me

And time stood still.

In a moment

Our spirits connected

There were no words spoken

Yet we talked.

It was just that,

A moment and yet

it seemed forever

Just my son and I.

And just as quickly as the moment began

It ended

He smiled and turned

And ran with his aeroplane above his head.

I closed my eyes wanting to remember

Everything I had seen

When I opened my eyes again

I realised it was a dream.

In the midst of the nightmares and dark images

My son had visited

To let me know

He had never really left.

As the years have passed

We have met many times

Beside the big tree

And not always in my dreams.

The grief that has consumed me

is now just a dull ache

That rears its’ ugly head from time to time

Making my world a dark place.

When it comes

Bringing the black darkness,

I close my eyes

And I am beside the tree.

I would like to think that when my time here has ended,

and I enter heaven’s realm

I’ll see the big tree

and a little boy beside it,

holding an aeroplane

waiting for me.


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