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The Warrior

The Warrior faced the darkness,

People around him,

Beating him, hurting him with their swords.

The Warrior fought back,

His spirit strong,

Relentless in his determination to win the battle.

The Warrior learned to embrace the solitude,

Using the time to heal

And rejuvenate his spirit.

The Warrior heard the voice of the Maiden,

Felt the touch of her hand,

And the love from her heart.

The Warrior strengthened his resolve

to win the battle

and stay by her side.

The Warrior fought relentlessly

Receiving blow after blow

His body broken, his spirit strong.

The Warrior embraced the times with the Maiden,

when the darkness lifted

and the light filled their souls.

The Warrior slowly grew weaker,

but would not give up

could not give in.

The Warrior lay tired,

this battle never ending,

Showing no kindness to him.

The Warrior heard the voice of the Maiden,

letting him know it was ok to stop fighting,

This is not surrender.

The Warrior felt the Maiden at his side,

Heard her whisper

“I love you son, but it’s time for you to go”

The Warrior took his final breath,

Left the darkness,

And found the light.


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No choice

I had no choice but to trust you

You who  lied to me

You who let me down repeatedly

I had no choice.

I had no choice but to trust you

And this was important

Really important

I had no choice.

I had no choice but to trust you

And hope everything you said

Would be done

I had no choice.

I had no choice but to trust you

Yet caught you out in a lie

Yet again

I had no choice.

Once again, I have picked up the pieces,

Once again, I have cleaned up YOUR mess,

Once again, I feel stupid for ever thinking that just ONCE you would come through.

I had no choice.

So now I am waiting

Waiting for you to make good on your promises

Unfortunately I need you to do this one last thing

And then it will sever the last remaining ties I have with you.

I had no choice but to trust you

And once again, you showed me you lack integrity

But THIS time can and will be the last time

And then I will be free.


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Time and time again

Grief comes visiting

Pounding relentlessly

Like waves upon the shore.

The tidal wave of emotions

Swirling around

Threatening to consume

Even the strongest of swimmers.

But swim we must

In order to survive

If we stop

We drown.

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She opens her eyes

And sees the darkness

She feels the numb

of the black nothingness.

She becomes aware

of another energy

An energy that slowly draws her in

And tears down the numb.

She breathes in the colours

And tastes the sounds

That are starting to whirl

in her mind.

She deeply inhales

and allows herself to be free

Free in the moment

and the colours burst.

She cries out

at the beauty of the moment

The place where light, colour and sound

merge into one.

She is suspended

between one second and the next

Aware of nothing except every fibre

of her being.

She enjoys the bliss

This devine cosmic supernova

That consumes her

with such intense passion.

She sighs ruefully

Knowing she must retreat

The energy quietly subsides

And the moment is gone.

She closes her eyes

And sees the darkness

And again feels the numb

of the black nothingness.

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My friend

I remember a boy

A boy with laughter in his eyes

A boy who loved life

My friend.

I remember my friend

The times we spent talking

Until the sun came up

My trusted friend.

I remember my friend

And the night he slashed his wrists

And stood in the middle of the road waiting to be run over

My dispairing friend.

I remember trying to help

Understand the torment that lay behind those laughing eyes

Being told I was a good friend and was loved

My loving friend.

I remember the phone call

Telling me he was dead

His mother found him hanging

Goodbye dear friend.

It’s been years now,

Yet all of a sudden,

My thoughts turn to you

My pale, goth friend.

I remember with love

The beauty you carried

The gentle spirit you showed

My beautiful friend.

May your spirit be at peace

May your spirit be free

I hope I see you again

My friend.

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I can breathe

The air is fresh and clean

I am calm

The dark swirling clouds that have consumed me have lifted

I feel peace

The storm is over and the sun has come out

I feel relief

The storm’s rain pelted at things that needed to be washed away

I can breathe

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The Great Abyss

I look at the bottle

It calls to me

Like a cheap slut

I don’t want to resist

I want to give in

The inner urge

Slowly growing

I bring her to my lips

I taste her

I allow her

to consume me

And take me to

The Great Abyss.

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