Music to my ears

WGO has started dance lessons.

She has her special dance shoes, and she lines up with 6 other little girls and the music starts and her face lights up as she concentrates on the teacher and copies the moves. And in that half hour, I experience such joy as I watch her dance across the floor.

She is very studious at home as SHE now has something that needs practice like her big brothers. When it is practice time here, she now has something to do and shows me proudly how she has remembered what has been done in ‘dance class’.

Younger son has a drum teacher.

The guy is the drummer in a local Blues/Jazz band and is enthusiastic and positive.  Younger son struggles to focus sometimes and follow what is being said and I love the patience and gentleness his teacher shows, all the while being encouraging while instructing my ‘mini Phil Collins’ on his grooves. I have sat in on a few lessons and enjoy what *I* am learning too. There is alot more to drumming than hitting a stick on a snare drum, and my younger son who has always moved and struggles to sit still has found an outlet to move yet be disciplined at the same time.

Older son has a piano teacher.

A really, really GOOD piano teacher. A teacher with a number of years of incredible experiences, the list and awards read like a novelette. A very accomplished tutor and composer in her own right. Her teaching style is very similar to the way we approach homeschooling. She insists that I sit in on the lesson which I am happy to do. I played the piano a number of years ago, and am rusty and to be honest, my son has surpassed me in his ability and general musical knowledge. It is so exciting to see him with his tutor discussing which movement is nice and which is difficult and sharing favourite pieces. I laughed when she showed him her extensive library of music and told him he would be learning all of it. It was lovely to see 2 people on the same page sharing their common love of classical music. I love to see the way in which she challenges him to develop himself. After giving him a HUGE list of pieces to learn, she then told him to learn as little or as much as he wished. A perfect way to approach him. Of course, I know he will work on them all.

I keep going back to how music has brought such healing and joy in a time that was so sad for the children. They still have their sad and mad days, and I think that will happen for a while, as ‘things’ keep happening that bring the feelings of anger, grief, betrayal, abandonment and rejection back to the surface. When those moments happen, I hurt for my kids more than I hurt for myself.

However, those times are now less and these times that I have just described, times that I can see my kids are in the moment, pursuing their passion, these are the moments that I cherish and will continue to nurture.



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